Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mercer piles on

Rick Mercer turns his sights on Grewal, but decides it is too much like shooting a fish in a barrel:
Tonight CBC News reports that Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal is under investigation by the RCMP for irregularities in his 2004 election expenses. Wow. And we were under the impression this guy had already hit bottom. Apparently not. Is Karl Rove working for the Liberals now? Talk about beating a guy like a rented mule. What's next? Will the transcript of the screaming in Grewal's head be released to the general public? Time to leave this guy alone. Move him to the side of the grill – he's done.
This latest episode does, however, raise the question of how Grewal has survived this long. It could be no more than the simple fact that the current make-up of Parliament gives the Grewals quite a bit of leverage. (That is, after all, why there were those talks in the first place.)

But there was a rumour going around Ottawa a couple weeks ago that Grewal rebuffed Harper's suggestion that he should resign from caucus, pointing out (it is said) that he had tapes of all the Conservative caucus meetings. Now the guy who told me this rumour said that it had been a Liberal who had told him. So it could be fiction. But the last few days makes one wonder.