Monday, July 11, 2005

Another Conservative call for Grewal's head

Over at Bound by Gravity, Andrew (who has been critical of Grewal from early on) now has joined Brent Colbert in calling for Grewal's expulsion from the Conservative party:
I don't give a sweet goddamn if booting Grewal's sorry ass out of the CPC makes it more difficult to evict the Liberal Party from power; kicking him out is the right thing to do. This has gone well beyond being a simple political trainwreck, and is now a full scale political disaster. Gurmant Grewal has proven that he is untrustworthy, and is now fingered for downright unlawful behavior.
Of course, Conservative opinion about this is divided. Conservative Life insists that this is another example of the CBC's bias against the Conservatives. Jim Holt, Grewal's riding association president is quoted in the CBC article as saying 'the charges are part of a "political assassination campaign" by the Liberals against Grewal.'

Update. Another Blogging Tory, Progressive Right, independently comes to the same conclusion: Grewal has become too much of a liability.

Update 2. For a taste of the paranoid lunatic approach to Grewal, see here. But another Tory calling for Grewal's expulsion can be found here.