Saturday, July 09, 2005

The new grewal tapes in context

The news that Grewal has surrendered additional tapes to the RCMP raises all sorts of quesstions about the Grewal tapes.

To review. Grewal originally claimed to have made 4 hours of recordings. On May 31st, the conservative party released one hour and fifteen minutes of them (see here). After these were shown to have been altered, the conservatives issued a press release of June 2 (the so-called suicide note that asserted that "Mr. Grewal provided the Office of the Leader of the Opposition with all of the tapes he had". New versions of two of the recordings were uploaded to Grewal's site (see here and here), which were fifteen and twenty minutes longer. This brought the tapes to one hour fifty minutes (see here).

From the beginning, many of us concluded that there were other tapes (see here, here, here, here, here). Especially problematic were two fragments that the conservative press release identifies as being inadvertently omitted from the Grewal-Dosanjh-Murphy recording but only one of which can be found there (only after much difficulty: see here. Both fragments are said to have come at the beginning of the Grewal-Dosanjh-Murphy meeting.

The second fragment needs special attention, which is nowhere to be found in the updated transcript of that meeting:
It is always possible that I've missed something here. The transcription and translation of the tapes are filled with inconsistencies and errors. But there is nothing even close to this in the tapes.

This brings us back to the old question of whether there was a pizza tape--a recording of the pizza dinner between Dosanjh and Grewal on May 16th. That meeting would have been between Dosanjh and Grewal (like fragment 2, quoted above) and been largely in Punjabi (again, like fragment 2).

So, the question is whether these new recordings that have been surrendered to the RCMP include a 'pizza tape'. The other possibility is that they are more phone calls. We have six calls between Grewal and Sadesh Kalia, but these are only a fraction of the calls that they had made (see here). Or it could be both. The National Post story (here and archived here) mentions 'tapes' (plural).