Friday, June 24, 2005

Grewal's stress leave officially ends at 21:23:30, June 23, 2005

The Liberals, with the help of the Bloc and NDP, forced a vote on their budget amendments last night. They then won a series of votes. Several newspapers have suggested that the Conservatives threw the vote. For example, one of this morning's G&M stories mentions:
Many believe the Tories don't really want to force an election and would have found a way to keep some members at home. At least two of their MPs have cancer and another, Gurmant Grewal, is on stress leave.
But if you go to last night's parliamentary hansard you'll find that among the Conservatives voting on divisions 143, 144, 145 and 146 are Grewal (Newton—North Delta), Grewal (Fleetwood—Port Kells).

But Gurmant missed divisions 140, 141, and 142. Now, Gurmant was present for division 143 at 10 pm but absent for division 142 at 8:45. Grewal's stress leave must have ended somewhere between these two points. For convenience, I place the end of the stress leave midway between them, at 9:23:30 on June 23, 2005.