Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BC Law Society Investigates Dosanjh

The National Post reports that the BC Law Society has appointed an outside council to investigate Reynolds' complaint against Dosanjh. The story quotes Dosanjh and adds
Reynolds also confirmed that the law society has acted on his letter.

"If they don't think there's any merit they just send you back (a letter) and say so. In this point they've looked at it and decided to hire an outside counsel to review it," Reynolds said.

"I've been told that person's name and I've been told they may be in touch with me, asking questions also."

A spokesman for the law society could not be reached for comment.

Reynolds said he provided transcripts he claims indicate Dosanjh and the prime minister's chief of staff Tim Murphy offered a cabinet position to Grewal or a "significant position" for Grewal's wife Nina, also a Tory MP, in exchange for their votes.
The question du jour, of course, is whether Reynolds gave the same transcripts to the Law Society as were released to the public.

Update. The Globe and Mail has a similar story but adds
A letter from the law society to Mr. Reynolds says lawyer Jean Whittow has been appointed to gather information and submit a report to the society, "setting out her assessments and recommendations."
Ms. Whittow is a former director of discipline with the society. (See here.)