Tuesday, June 21, 2005

FAQ 4b: Who really did approach whom?

Grewal claimed from early on that the Liberals had approached him and tried to lure him into changing parties. Dosanjh and the Liberals claim the opposite. Who is telling the truth?

Contact started, apparently, with Sadesh Kalia, a prominent member of the Surrey Indian community and a Liberal. According to Grewal, the Liberals contacted him through Kalia; the Liberals assert the opposite.

Kalia himself, however, has gone on record that it was Grewal who approached him (see here for the archived CBC story), and Kalia's version of the story has been supported by Amrik Sangha, whom Kalia had to contact in order to get Dosanjh's cell phone number, something that both Kalia and Sangha have publicly affirmed (see here and Maritime Liberal's transcript of the story on CBC National).

If it were Grewal's word against Dosanjh's, we could flip a coin. As it is, it is Grewal's word against Dosanjh's, Kalia's, and Sangha's. It was probably Grewal, then, who initiated the negotiations.

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