Wednesday, June 15, 2005

FAQ 3c. Where can I read the transcripts for myself?

You can download current tapes and translations from Grewal's website

You can see a good graphical illustration of how the present version of the Grewal-Dosanjh-Murphy recording differs from the original at the slide show. From there you can click through to individual images (use 'all sizes' to get a bigger picture if the one you get is too small), or you can see the transcript prepared by E.T. Bear here, or you can go page-by-page from these links:
Grewal-Dosanjh-Murphy, p. 1, p. 2, p. 3, p. 4, p. 5, p. 6, p. 7, p. 8, p. 9, p. 10, p. 11, p. 12, p. 13, p. 14, p. 15, p. 16
There is a slide-show version of three different releases of the Grewal-Murphy meeting of May 18th here, and you can click through to see individual pages, or click through to them page by page: Grewal-Murphy (May 18th) p.1 , p. 2 , p. 3, p. 4 , p. 5 , p. 6 , p. 7 , p. 8 , p. 9 , p. 10 , p. 11 , p. 12, p. 13.

A slide show of the transcripts of Grewal's phone calls with Kalia are here.

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