Tuesday, June 14, 2005

FAQ 6b. What was that Airport incident? (ML)

FAQ 6b. What was that Airport Incident? (ML & Buckets)

On Saturday June 4th, 2005, Gurmant Grewal passed through the security checkpoint at the Vancouver International Airport, presumably to take Air Canada Flight 166 to Ottawa on which he had a ticket. Once there, he asked an Air Canada agent if he could arrange for a passenger to take a package for him to Ottawa. When told this was not allowed for security reasons, Grewal booked a seat and began asking passengers. Sources: CP, CTV.

Subsequent stories alleged that it was tapes that needed delivery. According to the Vancouver Sun, Conservative sources asserted that "Grewal hoped to send the complete tapes to Conservative headquarters in a hurry but wanted to remain in Vancouver himself until Sunday, party sources said." (Also at CP)

There are, of course, unanswered questions. THe original tapes had been turned over to the RCMP on May 31st (CP), so if there were indeed tapes in the package, what were they?

Update. Grewal has now been cleared of any wrongdoing in this affair. See here.


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