Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Update on missing Punjabi

Readers should note that another reader has offered a different translation of the Punjabi at 2'05 of the Dosanjh-Murphy-Grewal meeting. To review, there are words in the tape that do not appear in the transcript/translation.

(If Punjabi speakers can have a listen and confirm, correct, or improve the translation here, please email me at bucketsofgrewal@mac.com. The mp3 can be downloaded here under the 'meeting with Dosanjh …' rubric. This is at about the 2 minute 3 second mark.)

This is what I thought I heard ten days ago (with xxx marking Punjabi):
GG: xxxx xxxx xxxxx (2:08) right away. (pause) Right away.ihde layee? [Update: Apparently I misheard--this is Punjabi for 'for her']
UD: (pause) (2:11) Cabinet right away?
GG: (2:13) hm, hm [Ed.: apparently an affirmative to the previous question]
UD: (pause) (2:15) Cabinet right away?
GG: xxxx (2:18) right away. xxx xxx xxx
This is what 'Raj' hears
UD: . . .I think this (Belinda's crossing the floor) has made it easier for you . . .(inaudible)
GG: Yes, that is true. But two things have become clear because of this.
UD: . . infact. . ..huh?
GG: Two things have become clear. One is it's easier, and the second is they can't say that we will do something later, because they have done right away, for her.
UD: Cabinet can't happen right away.
GG: hmm hmm
UD: Cabinet can't happen right away.
GG: Cabinet can happen right away. Otherwise (inaudible) . . . in order for parliament to work, they have shortage of members, in the meetings.
And this is what 'Sohn' hears
UD: I think with this for you it has made it easy
GG: Yes that has happened
UD: (inaudible).....as you wanted...(inaudible)
GG: Yes that has happened
UD: (inaudible).... infact this has.... (inaudible)
GG: Two things are clear now
UD: Huh?
GG: Two things are clear now. One it has become easy now. Second now they can not say they will do something latter. Because it happened right away for (her/him)
UD: Cabinet right away can be had
GG: hmm hmm
UD: Cabinet right away can be had
GG: Cabinet right away can be had
Here is the June 5 transcript (the blue line marks where the some of the Punjabi has gone missing):


Blogger Meaghan Champion said...

I think to settle this, we really need to have the punjabi parts of the tapes transcribed into punjabi.

Then we can look at translating it.

Also, it would be a way to get fact checking from Indo-Canadians reading.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Meaghan Champion said...


I have put in a call to court-certified translators who will transcribe and translate these segments and provide a notarized affadavit that the transcript and translation is accurate.

I'm just waiting on a quote, and then I will be happy to pony up the cash to pay for the transcription/translation.

There is a company that I have used in the past to do this kind of work for me, and they are reliable in my view.

These are people who are in the business of doing translations that water-tight for use in court proceedings.

Can't have enough checking or cross-checking.

12:22 PM  

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