Thursday, June 23, 2005

Grewal denies involvement in editing the tapes (he's lying)

Over at Progressive Bloggers, David Charles MacDonald notes an interesting comment of Grewal's in an interview with the Globe & Mail:
In his first interview since he went on stress leave earlier this month following the controversy of his taped conversations with senior Liberals about switching parties, Mr. Grewal predicted Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro will also clear him of wrongdoing in that separate matter.
As for the continuing investigation of his conversations with Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh and the Prime Minister's chief of staff, Tim Murphy, about crossing the floor, Mr. Grewal said he will not discuss the matter in detail until Mr. Shapiro's investigation is complete. He denies that the tapes were doctored and said he was not the one who made the original tapes public that had sections missing.
David points out that if Grewal is telling the truth, this would mean that it was the Conservatives who created the May 31st edition of the tapes.

The problem, as David acknowledges, is any argument that begins with 'if Grewal is telling the truth…' is going to be a shaky one. And that Grewal must be lying here to at least some degree is guaranteed by the fact that he has left his metaphorical finger-prints at the scene of the crime.

As I pointed out in the FAQ on this question, the edited version of the tape of Grewal's meeting with Murphy and Dosanjh begins with Grewal's voice saying:
"Meeting with Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh (Health Minister) and Mr. Tim Murphy (Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister of Canada's Office) on May 17th, Tuesday, at 1:00 pm." (click)
The original tape (which was released June 2) begins with dead air. (This in the transcripts--but it's there in audio version.) The only possible conclusion is that Grewal's voice-over was added in the editing process in Harper's office. And since it is Grewal's voice, he had to be involved. His voice-over is the forensic evidence of his involvement.

Now, I doubt very much that he acted alone. But when he says that he wasn't involved, he's lying.