Sunday, July 03, 2005

Grewal doesn't regret making secret tapes

CTV has a story:
Despite the controversy, Grewal says, appearing on Vancouver's Channel M television that he doesn't regret making the recordings.

"I am not bothered by anything. I feel very proud of what I have done because what I did was for the right cause," he says, according to a written transcript released by Channel M.

"You and your other media colleagues did not give correct information in the media because you did not do proper research, did not find many facts.

"When the investigation is over, I will have an interview with the whole media, will tell them all the fact so that they could judge on the basis of fact."

He says the only way to expose hidden corruption was through the recordings, which were made legally.

"I am proud that I, at least as a whistleblower, have brought to surface the behind-the-scenes corruption and attack on our democracy," he says in the transcript.

When asked if he still secretly records conversations, Grewal said he did not record "common people" and blamed the media for misrepresenting him.

"Media turned it around as if I record everybody. No, I am a common man, live like common people. I never record an ordinary person."