Friday, August 12, 2005

The RCMP's press release--a study in ambiguity

Here is the RCMP press release:

RCMP completes review of Gurmant Grewal's recordings

Ottawa, August 12, 2005 — The RCMP has completed its review of complaints of criminal wrongdoing with respect to MP Gurmant Grewal’s audio recordings.

Persons the RCMP believed may have relevant information were interviewed and the tapes were examined.

The RCMP has determined that no criminal investigation is warranted at this time. It has advised the complainants and those whose conduct was being examined that the review is now concluded.

For more information, please contact:
RCMP Media Relations
(613) 993-2999
The press release is deliciously ambiguous. Who, specifically, one might wonder, are these 'persons the RCMP believed may have relevant information'? Presumaably Grewal, Dosanjh, and Murphy. The 'complainants' are presumably Duceppe and/or Layton.

The big question is who 'those whose conduct was being examined' were? Murphy and Dosanjh, one assumes. (It was their behaviour about which the Bloc and NDP had complained.) But was Grewal's conduct considered, too?


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Well done on the coverage on this issue buckets, I have used you as my first visit for Grewel news, and have enjoyed your posts here. It was a great idea and kept alot of us informed......

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