Friday, August 12, 2005

Everyone's a winner!

The National Post also has a story that the RCMP has decided not to pursue criminal investigation into the Grewal tapes. An interesting quote
"We're pleased that the RCMP has cleared Mr. Grewal," said Williams Stairs, the communications director for Conservative Leader Stephen Harper. "We were confident all along of his integrity and the RCMP has confirmed our judgment," Stairs said.
I would have thought that if anything, the RCMP's decision would be regarded as a setback for Grewal, since it was his allegations of 'vote buying' that they decided not to pursue.

We also here from the Liberals. Further down the column we learn
"Mr. Murphy co-operated fully with the RCMP review and is pleased with the outcome," Melanie Gruer, a spokeswoman in the Prime Minister's Office, said Friday.
So. Everyone's happy.


Blogger wonderdog said...

Especially Tim Murphy's libel lawyer. Wait for it....

9:21 PM  
Blogger Mark Francis said...

Oh, yes. Murphy's suit...

Well, the CPC is trying to make a positive out of a negative. It was well known to anyone lookign ta thgis carefully that there was likely no criminal wrongdoing - how can patronage be illegal? Might as well outlaw human relationships amongst parliamentarians.
What would that do for Nina and Gurmant? ;)

11:07 PM  

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