Friday, August 05, 2005

A chronology of meetings and tapes

The Grewal dossier includes numerous tapes, and there are several events that are relevant. Although not every relevant item can be dated with absolute precision, several can, and the rest can be set in chronological order, thus:

  1. First phone calls with Sadesh Kalia: Sunday, May 15th. (one of which is taped: Kalia call #1)
  2. More phone calls with Sadesh Kalia, the last of which sets up the pizza date with Dosanjh: Monday, May 16th. (calls #2-#6 taped)
  3. Pizza date with Dosanjh, Monday, May 16th, 8 pm. (not taped)
  4. Belinda Stronach defects: Tuesday, May 17th, 9:30 am
  5. Grewal meets with Dosanjh and Murphy, Tuesday, May 17th, 1 pm (taped)
  6. Phone call #1 from Dosanjh, Tuesday, May 17th, afternoon
  7. Emergency Conservative caucus meeting, Tuesday, May 17th, evening; Grewal mentions discussions with Harper
  8. Phone call from Murphy, Tuesday, May 17th, evening (this refers to the caucus meeting and arranges to meet with Grewal in his office the next morning at 10 am) (taped: Murphy #1)
  9. Phone call with Harper; Grewal is instructed to stop taping, Wednesday, May 18th, 'morning' here
  10. Grewal meets with Murphy, Wednesday, May 18th, 10 am (taped)
  11. Phone call #2 from Dosanjh, Wednesday, May 18th (after lunch)
  12. Phone call #2-3 from Murphy, Wednesday May 18th
It is unclear whether the phone-call with Harper, which we know happened on the morning of the 18th, came before or after his meeting with Murphy. Presumably this came before the last calls from Murphy, which seem to belong to the afternoon.