Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Three new stories

I've just posted three new stories on the latest Grewal episode from Macleans, the CBC, and CTV.

What is important here? First, I have already speculated on who might be the CBC's source for the story here. The two likeliest possibilities are the RCMP and someone in the Conservative Party. The fact that the RCMP are not interviewing one of the donors until Wednesday suggests that the leak is not from there. Note also that in this story we get the RCMP confirming there is an investigation, which again suggests that this is the first time the CBC has approached them.

The CTV story gives Grewal's side of the story, which is that receipts were not necessary under the rules of 2003, something that is confirmed, it seems, by Elections Canada. (I'm surprised to learn, however, that MPs can accept cheques outside of election periods. This bears further investigation.)

The Macleans story dates two of the cheques to Dec. 27, 2003, which would place them under the 2003 rules.

So, it might be that some people were a little hasty in their criticisms of Grewal.