Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kicking the ball out of touch (or into the hands of the RCMP)

One of Martin's mistakes in his handling of the Adscam affair--something that Chretien would probably have never done--was to call a public inquiry. The other option was to hand the matter over the RCMP, who (one assumes) would have discovered most or all of what Gomery has, but without the public embarassment to the party. And while the RCMP are investigate, Martin & Co. can turn aside questions with a pious it-wouldn't-be-appropriate-to-comment-while-a-criminal-investigation-is-underway.

The Conservatives, as has been widely reported, are giving the Grewal tapes to the RCMP, thereby avoiding Martin's mistake. Any growing pressure to release the tapes can be brushed aside with the not-appropriate-to-comment line. We will probably not ever get access to the full transcript.


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