Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Question 4: What effect will this have on Grewal's career as a parliamentarian?

One point that should be raised is that this episode does not bode well, I think, for Grewal's future in parliament. Being a parliamentarian involves a certain amount of give-and-take and cooperation between parties. There are private members' bills to co-sponsor, committee business to discuss, common-ground to be found. I suspect that Grewal will find it very difficult to have such dealings in the future, simply because he has proved himself interested in 'gotcha!' sensationalism through surreptious recording.

For example, consider the co-chair of committee x, who by the nature of his job has to do a certain amount of horse-trading with his co-chair of another party, and conceivably with committee members of other parties. Could Grewal be trusted to do this kind of thing following the taping of meetings? Would the leadership of his own party nominate him for such work? Indeed, can the members of his own party trust him during their own meetings?


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