Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Simpson: Grewal tapes are pretty thin gruel

Jeffrey Simpson expresses dismay at Grewal's procedure.

Money quote:
Are there no limits? Mr. Grewal, and the Conservative leadership, should release all the tapes if they wish to use eight minutes of them for partisan purposes. Then everybody could judge whether indeed Mr. Grewal was on some kind of bizarre sting operation, organized either by himself, or with the encouragement of senior party members, or, as it equally plausible to an outsider, that he was indeed sniffing around, visiting cabinet ministers, opening up lines of communication for a switch, hoping to secure something then or later for himself and/or his wife.


Blogger Scott Tribe said...

Paul Wells agrees with your assessment - or at least of Simpson's assessment here:

Welcome to Progressive Bloggers by the way - though I havent seen any of your current articles being posted at our site yet. Have you got that feature disabled? If not.. check with Wayne Chu over at PB and see if there are some tech issues needing to be resolved.


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Blogger buckets said...

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Blogger buckets said...

Thanks for stopping by, Scott. (My first comment!)

I'll check in with Wayne.

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