Sunday, July 17, 2005

photoshopping cheques

In case anyone missed the point of my last post, in which I photoshopped one of the Grewal cheques to make myself the payee and Cadman the payer, photoshopping cheques is pretty easy, especially if you have a number of them. One could easily cut-and-paste names, dates, and amounts from one cheque to another.

This has several implications. One is that when we look at such evidence we should remain sceptical, especially if we don't know the chain-of-evidence.

What is the chain of evidence for the scans of these cheques that we've seen? Presumably the payees gave scans to Milewski. Milewski sent the scans on to Jim Holt (Grewal's riding president) for comment. He then responded to Milewski. A few days later, Holt released his letter, together with the scans that he had been sent, to Kate over at SDA, who put them at her site; I downloaded them from there and mounted them here.

Every stage of this process is open to altering the cheques. (It seems to have been Kate, for example, who has blacked out the account numbers on the front of each cheque before publishing them--which is the appropriate thing to do.)

The long and short of it is that we have to be very careful about every piece of evidence, here.

[Clarification. For those who might have missed my point, which I have not made terribly clearly--one or more of these cheques may be attempts to manufacture evidence to frame Grewal.]


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