Friday, July 15, 2005

Mystery cheque

Kate over at Small Dead Animals has acquired a letter of Jim Holt (president of Grewal's riding association) to Terry Milewski giving the Conservative side to the Grewal cheques. Here is the 'mystery cheque': JagdeepBrar-1

Holt's comments about this are:
"This brings us to the Imperial Plumbing cheque in the amount of $1000. Here we must admit we are a bit stumped, not the least due to the fact that the copy of the cheque you forwarded to us doesn't appear to have been endorsed by anyone on the reverse, and the cheque seems to have been cleared at the Khalsa Credit Union the same day it was drawn. Equally baffling is the fact the item was processed at a branch of that credit union about 20 miles from where the cheque was prepared. We are even more baffled by this one, when we examine the date the transaction(s) occurred. Our research indicates that on that date, Mr. Grewal was in Ottawa, and either in his office, or in the House of Commons ("Hansard" can actually verify this).
I'm not really sure what Holt is implying here. That someone 'framed' Grewal by putting money in his account? (Or am I missing something obvious?)

Update: I've discussed this cheque further here.


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