Friday, July 29, 2005

Grewal press release: Grewal considers legal action against Dosanjh

Mr. Grewal has uploaded a new press release on his website (you can see it here). Apparently Grewal feels his interveiw with the Parliamentary ethics commissioner went well. But there is a bit of a surprise at the end of the press release. Dosanjh (according to Grewal) is considering suing for libel; Grewal threatens a counter-suit:
Press Release

Grewal meets with Ethics Commissioner Shapiro

Newton-North Delta MP - Gurmant Grewal today announced that he has concluded his in - depth interview with Ethics Commissioner Dr. Bernard Shapiro related to the tape recording of Liberal efforts to buy his critical budget vote in May 2005.

Mr. Grewal reports that the detailed interview went very well in every respect. Grewal also indicates that he is satisfied with the process being undertaken by both the Ethics Commissioner, and the RCMP regarding his recording of attempts by Liberal Cabinet Minster Ujjal Dosanjh, and Tim Murphy, the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, to purchase his Parliamentary support in May of 2005.

Grewal fully expects that the conclusions of the investigation into the Dosanjh-Murphy taping will support his claims related to this affair.

In a related matter, persistent rumours are circulating that Ujjal Dosanjh might be planning to mount a legal libel suit against Mr. Grewal. While Mr. Grewal is himself seriously considering legal action against Mr. Dosanjh, he is nonetheless committed to allowing Commissioner Shapiro to conclude his work and report unhindered. He hopes this will occur as expeditiously as possible.