Saturday, January 28, 2006

problems with Grewal's blackberry log

While reviewing the Ethics Report, I noticed that there are unresolved problems with the chronology of Grewal's calls with Sadesh Kalia.

Together with his translation and transcript of his calls with Kalia, Grewal created a log of his calls from Kalia on his Blackberry for the 16th, 17th, and 18th. Here is the transcript for the sixteenth:

It is difficult, however, to reconcile this log with Grewal's six recorded calls with Kalia.
  • Grewal's first recorded phone call to Kalia on Sunday, May 15th (here), clearly comes before (A). (There seem to have been earlier calls that either were not recorded, or if they were recorded no tape was released.)
  • the second recorded call comes early on the 16th (here and here), therefore before (A)
  • the third taped call is a missed call from Kalia which gives its time as 9:04 (see here). Again, it comes before (A)
  • the fourth phone call from Kalia gets through (see here. Kalia tells Grewal to expect Dosanjh's call at 3 pm, so this could just be possibly call (E). But this is ruled out by the fact that the next call comes before question period at 2:15 pm. And since calls (A-D) were all missed, this call too (apparently) comes before call (A).
  • in the fifth phone call (here), Grewal says that he can't phone Dosanjh right away because he is on his way to question period, which began at 2:15 pm). Since the log includes no received call before 2:15 pm, it too must have come before (A)
  • In the sixth phone call with Kalia the pizza date is arranged. It is, presumably, one of (E-I).
What is the meaning of all this? I'm not really sure. Why have a log of calls that seems to have only one of the six calls that it accompanies?


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